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Regina’s Chinese community ready to ring in the year of the dragon

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Regina’s Chinese community ready to ring in theyear of the dragon
By Kerry Benjoe, Leader-PostJanuary 20, 2012
REGINA — Organizers of Chinese New Yearcelebrations say it will be a roaring good time.
Around the world billions will beringing in the Year of the Dragon on Monday.
Raymond Chan, president of the ReginaChinese Canadian Association (RCCA), said it’s the biggest celebration in theChinese culture and he is happy to share the event with other Regina residents.
The Chinese follow the lunar calendarwhich is different from the 12-month calendar year.
“It’s like the year end so if you arein business you wrap up and clean up all your accounts and get ready for thenew year to start,” said Chan. “It’s time to clean up your house, getting newclothing for the members of your household and preparing for the major feastsfor New Year’s Eve.”
He said it’s a time for reunion,thanksgiving and being together.
New Year’s Eve is a time for familywhile New Year’s Day is a time for friends and visiting.
“Luckily, this year (the Regina event)is a day before the New Year’s Eve,” said Chan. “So, (actually) New Year’s Dayis on Monday and New Year’s Eve for the family is Sunday and we have ourcelebration on Saturday.”
The RCCA’s event takes place Saturdayat the Delta Regina Hotel. On average, the event attracts between 600 and 700people.
Chan said in China, the New Year is sobig that many businesses will close for up to week and even universities closeduring this time of year. Most households celebrate for a minimum of four days.
“Fourteen days after the New Year, whatwe have is the Lantern Festival,” said Chan. “The Lantern Festival is like our Valentine’sDay.”
He said there are a number of festivalsand celebrations in China throughout the year. The RCCA tries to keep thatculture alive in Regina.
In addition to the New Year’scelebration, the RCCA participates in Mosaic, hosts the Mid-Autumn Festival anda Christmas party.
Chan said one of the missions of theRCCA is to foster ethnic harmony and promote better understanding betweendifferent cultures.
Over the years he has witnessed manypositive changes in Regina.
“We’ve been living in Saskatchewan over30 years,” said Chan. “When we came to Regina we did not have much diversity interms of our culture. If you looked at the restaurants, food selection and whatyou could buy in the supermarket was very limited. Nowadays you can find lotsof different food imported from various cultures.”
He sees that as a positive changebecause slowly Regina is becoming a more cosmopolitan society.
“Overall, I think different culturesare more accepting of one another,” said Chan.
He said the different cultures arebecoming more integrated with one another and sees that as good for everyone.
The RCCA uses the Chinese New Yearcelebrations as a fundraiser to support local organizations and this year adonation will be made to support SOFIA House.
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